if i cut myself open will i bleed the ocean?
relocated to neutralis

1. Suicide of elderly female who secured plastic bag over head with tie around neck.
2. Accidental smothering in mentally retarded, 43-year-old male who wrapped face in duct tape. Deceased had performed this act before.
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Baby survives, with nothing but a bump on the head, after being hit by a train.
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Klan members gather at a carnival in Canon City, Colorado for a group portrait.
As if the KKK wasn’t creepy enough.
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Begotten (1990)
If you are looking for an experimental horror film to watch, go for this one if you can stomach it. It re-imagines the story of Genesis. The story opens with a robed, profusely bleeding “God” disemboweling himself, with the act ultimately ending in his death. It’s in black and white and has absolutely no dialogue. The words “experimental horror” are the best way to describe this film.
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For heaven’s sake, catch me before I kill more, I cannot control myself.
William Heirens was a convicted American serial killer who confessed to three murders in 1946. Heirens was called the Lipstick Killer due to a notorious message scrawled in lipstick at a crime scene.
This is one of them. 
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